Before & After Photo Gallery v1.29.0

  • Added navigation mode for Carousel view in single template.
  • Added new “Thumbnails” navigation mode for Carousel view in single template.
  • Added option Patient edit to force the rebuild of before and after merged images.
  • Added option in Settings to cap the Patient pictures on mobile to a given max size.
  • Fixed Comparison Gutenberg block not correctly loading the CSS Twenty-Twenty dependency.
  • Fixed arrows navigation in Carousel view on single template not working in rare cases.
  • Fixed missing SwiperJS classes in carousel mode for Single template.
  • Separate initialization scripts for Single Patient template into single responsability files.
  • Improved resource load for all the plugin’s Gutenberg blocks.
  • Upgraded SwiperJS from v8.0.5 to v8.2.4.
  • Upgraded PHP dependencies.

Before & After Photo Gallery v1.28.3

  • Moved compiled template views folder into uploads folder to avoid issues with namespace collisions.
  • Fixed internal layout template file for classic themes sometimes duplicating header tags in the document.
  • Fixed template selection method not correctly giving priority to theme template files.
  • Improved support for themes with a single column layout.
  • Updated Blade template parsing method from DEBUG to AUTO.
  • Remove unnecessary legacy templates hooks.

Before & After Photo Gallery v1.28.0

  • Added compatiblity with WordPress Block themes.
  • Remove Genesis template dependency, the plugin’s templates are now compatible with other custom themes.
  • Added new filters to control the layout format for categories and posts templates.
  • photogallery_categories_theme_render_options control the Categories template
  • photogallery_posts_theme_render_options control the Posts template
  • photogallery_single_theme_render_options control the Single template
  • photogallery_custom_theme_render_options Usable after the option on Settings to display a custom page in the Archive page is active.
  • Replaced several FontAwesome icons with SVG icons.
  • Improved the Explicit content message on mobile for the MultiPatient Shortcode.
  • Upgraded all the plugin’s PHP dependecies to their latests versions and added polyfills for PHP 7 and PHP 8.
  • Improved performance and memory usage for the method to generate the template Schema in the Archive template.

Before & After Photo Gallery v1.27.4

  • Added option on settings page to use the old pictures view for single template.
  • Replaced slider library on all the plugin’s components from GlideJS to SwiperJS.
  • Fixed issues with responsive for mobile and tablet in the MultiPatient Block on carousel mode.
  • Fixed issues with explicit pictures not correctly swapping some images on click.
  • Fixed issue with explicit pictures not correctly swapping images for Procedure Terms marked as explicit.

Before & After Photo Gallery v1.27.0

  • Added “Quick actions” bar in single template, this actions can trigger events and be tracked on Analytics.
  • Added carousel configuration options in Multipatient Block.
  • Added option in Settings to include an “/” and the end of patients permalinks.
  • Updated main heading in custom template to apply the_title filters.
  • Updated view in single template to display pictures in carousel mode.
  • Updated License method to validate with instead of License API.
  • Fixed issue with explicit pictures not correctly replaced after tap on mobile.
  • Improved view of pictures in Archive and Taxonomy template.

Before & After Photo Gallery v1.26.0

  • Added new Gutenberg blocks to replace the deprecated WordPress widgets: LiveSearch, FilterSearch, ProceduresList.
  • Merged Picture’s caption and photos view into a single element, and is now located in the figcaption tag.
  • Updated Plugin’s admin menu icon with an original icon.
  • Fixed issue with new patients not correctly setted to the first position after created.
  • Fixed Filter Search Widget slider fields not using the correct min and max values after a search.
  • Fixed Lightbox initialization script not using the correct nodes if the layout in single template changes.